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Pilates and Gardening – A Happy Lower Back

It’s that time of year again – when the weather begins to warm, and we set our clocks forward in anticipation of longer days to play outside, be active, and for many of us – get in the garden! Gardening is a great form of exercise utilizing the legs, back, abdominals and arms to move […]

2014 is here…and so is Pilates!

Happy 2014! As our wellness gift to our valued patients and clients, we have adjusted Pilates pricing beginning in January. We believe a customized Pilates program is a wonderful way to enhance your health and fitness, and we want you to try a session to discover the benefits for yourself. Schedule a free 30 minute […]

The Importance of Replenishing Electrolytes

The depletion of electrolytes is a significant cause of many uncomfortable symptoms that include muscle cramping, aching, spasms, and increased painful trigger point activity.   Furthermore, a lack of these basic chemical elements have been associated with contributing to several other bodily malfunctions to include, but not limited to, lack of sleep, restless leg syndrome, […]

The Aging Athlete

With the summer months upon us, more of us will be participating in and enjoying outdoor activities such as golf, tennis, and water sports.  By the way we were created, we begin to lose muscle mass as we age, which in turn can affect our abilities to participate in the activities that we enjoy. It […]